DMC 3000/4400

DMC 3000/4400 is an ergonomic workstation that provides an excellent process overview. The operating team tires less and thanks to the excellent process overview, it is able to rapidly take the right decisions. Downtimes are minimized, productivity is increased.


A clear user interface provides an efficient process operation and accelerates the processing of disturbances.

On each screen, alarm lists, trends, operating instructions etc. can be displayed as required. DMC 3000/4400 is an all-in-one monitor wall, large-screen system, video wall and display wall and is an optimal solution for control rooms, control stands and control centers. Furthermore, computer outsourcing incl. computer remote control for the control room (KVMA crosspoint-switch) is possible.
The height of the workstation can be steplessly adjusted from 69 to 128 cm in order to achieve comfortable, varied and ergonomic working positions.

With a 10-year-warranty


  • Invisible cable routing in cable carriers
  • Two rows of assembly-friendly equipment shelves,also for a broad scope of instrumentation
  • Big storage containers for PCs and additional equipment
  • Workstation available in various models and sizes



Large screens
Monitors Width
3×47“ 5×26“ 3,000 mm
4×47“ 7×26“ 4,400 mm



Projectors Monitors Width
2 5×26“ 3,000 mm
3 7×26“ 4,400 mm